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Let There Be Light . . . And Accessibility

VT a key part of transformed NYC station’s busiest entrance. Chances are the vertical-transportation (VT) professionals involved in the recent transformation of New York Penn Station’s busiest entrance at 7th Avenue and 32nd Street in Midtown Manhattan — a key part of a station that sees the rough equivalent of the population of Atlanta pass […]

How Long Does an Elevator Last?

Elevators are a critical part of any building’s infrastructure. Not only do your tenants and guests expect them to be clean and visually appealing, but to function properly as well. Though elevator systems provide practical convenience and safety, you may have questions about maintenance, repair, and also how long the elevator will last. Having a […]

Precision Elevator Celebrates 30th Anniversary

In 2022 we celebrate our 30th anniversary. We are constantly reminded of the many valued relationships that have made the last three decades a success. Precision Elevator Corp. would like to take the time to let you know how thankful we are for your business and your partnership. The last 30 years have been filled […]

How to Promote Elevator Safety in Your Building

Promoting Elevator Safety in Your Building Elevators are among the safest of all transportation modes. However, avoidable accidents, operational failures, and injuries do happen. To prevent accidents in and around elevators, you can play a key role in guiding passengers toward safe behaviours and explaining how to remain safe if something should go wrong. What […]

Preparing Your Elevators for Winter

As the cold season rolls on, you may be focused on making sure your building lobby stays warm and dry. But have you thought about doing the same for your elevators’ engine room? In this article we share our best tips for making your elevators run smoothly and safely during a cold snap, winter storm, […]

Recognizing Elevator Problems Early

Elevators are a safe and reliable mode of transportation for your tenants and visitors if they’re regularly inspected and serviced. But, as with all mechanical systems, malfunctions can occur. These problems can lead to potential injury and expensive emergency repairs, excessive downtimes, unhappy tenants, code violations, fines – and possible legal liability. By learning to […]